ionic liquid-based lithium battery

Key material of the battery technology responsible for one end of the space technology

natural polymer materials

Fusion of natural materilas and battery technology


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ionic liquid based libs

Non-thermal incident battery

“Ionic liquid-based lithium ion battery” developed by Prof. Ishikawa in Kansai University is new lithium ion battery which overcome safety issue for thermal incident risk.
It was adopted to space application for high safety and firstly achieved charge-discharge operation in orbit around the Earth.
This battery realizes to suppress swell of battery pack and no thermal incident risk by using ionic liquid instead of normal organic solvent-based electrolyte which have volatility and inflammability components for electrolyte
And also, there is no need to equip robust package at space because of high safety nature of ionic liquid-based lithium ion battery.


Water soluble aqueous binder based on natural material

We realize to improve electrical storage devices by focusing on and using biological materials in abundant supply at nature.
Powerbinder suits high capacity lithium ion battery cathode material such high-Ni contents types and oxide metal type anode materials. It will improve battery life time by high thermal stability and oxidation durability nature of Powerbinder.
Also, Powerbinder can adjust pH of electrode slurry solution like NCA and NMC(532, 622 and 811 of molar ratio) to neutral condition and make its aqueous processed electrode without aluminum corrosion. These effort will be environmental friendly and improve safety on producing electrode process.