iElectrolyte and Echion demonstrate lithium ion battery cells with ultra long cycle life

Echion Technologies (Cambridge, UK) and iElectrolyte (Osaka, Japan) have demonstrated ultra-long cycle life Li-ion pouch cells.  These cells combined Echion Technologies’ Mixed Niobium Oxide (XNOTM) anode materials with iElectrolyte’s ionic liquid electrolytes which resulted in >98% capacity retention after 1000 cycles (1C/1C cycling). This is forecasted to provide at least >12,000 to standard cycle life limits of 80% of initial cell capacity.  This paves the way to the sustainable electrification of high performance applications.

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iElectrolyte was founded in 2014 from Kansai University in Japan, iElectrolyte develop ionic liquid-based lithium-ion battery for real applications. Their new water-based electrode technology realizes human and environmentally friendly production processes.


Echion Technologies

Echion is a University of Cambridge spinout founded in 2017, to develop and commericalise advanced of anode materials for Li-ion batteries. We supply cell manufacturers globally with our Mixed Niobium Oxide materials (XNOTM) platform, which  enables cost-effective, fast-charging, high-energy density, and long-life power cells for a wide range of markets including automotive, industrial, and high-performance niche applications.

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Echion Technologies                                                                iElectrolyte Co., Ltd.

Harry Geary (Senior Cell Engineer)                                      Takuya Takahashi (Ph.D., Principal researcher)