products ionic liquid-based lithium-ion battery

ionic liquid-based lithium-ion battery

To realize high safety and performance battery.

Thermal incident of lithium ion battery is still concern issue at various application such as smartphone, vehicle and airplane.
We have the solution that is material as “ionic liquid” to develop high safety battery.
Ionic liquid is just salt which is composed from only cation and anion. Different point is liquid or solid at room temperature.
Typical salt like NaCl form solid powder at room temperature and melt to liquid at 800℃. However, ionic liquid is always liquid condition at wide range temperature and pressure.
That is why ionic liquid is expectation as next generation electrolyte.
High safety lithium ion battery will be realizable by using ionic liquid electrolyte which can conduct ion at extremely low temperature and is not vaporization and inflammability.
Our company develop the ionic liquid-based lithium ion battery and substantiate operation of battery at extremely condition.
We develop to realize high safety and reliable next generation battery with various partners.